It all started with an idea...

Majestic Selections was born in 1999,  from an idea to tissue culture selected cultivars of mainly Australian plants for the cutflower industry. The result has been that we never have released a single plant for the cutflower industry, but demand has meant the landscaping industry became the focus of Majestic.

Through the drought years, the demand for the likes of Lomandras, Dianellas, Kangaroo Paws, Liriopes, Agapanthus, Agave, Phormiums and Cordylines was so great, that this dominated Majestic's activities. Our production of these plants increased 30% year on year and the landscaping sector was the only growth sector in the horticultural industry.

YoungPlants is born...

In 2009 a new company, fully owned by Majestic was started by the name of YoungPlants Pty Ltd. YoungPlants is a company that grows plugs from seed as well as from cuttings and is also a seed distributor. YoungPlants is a completely independent plug company that works with a number of seed companies around the world and has close relationships with Syngenta and Benary as well as a host of other breeders.

We are different...

Majestic / YoungPlants sees itself as an innovative company that says ”why not” instead of “why”.

We firmly believe in the motto’s of both companies: “Different from the ground up” and “Plants are our passion and People are our asset”.  

We have a group of highly qualified, enthusiastic young people that like what we are doing and are proud of what we are doing.

We have telephones to say “yes” and we will always try to help in whatever way we can. Try us and call us.

We have you covered...

Majestic exports to a number of countries, including: USA, Israel, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, UK and Spain.

YoungPlants supplies wholesale nurseries all around Australia.

Both companies do contract work for flower growers, breeders and marketers.

YoungPlants deliver Australia wide

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