Crassula anomaia

Crassula anomaia

Compact small groundcover with fleshy red tipped leaves.
Red buds with white flowers.


Crassula 'Campfire'

Campfire has branching fleshy bright lime green leaves with
flaming orange red tips. Sometimes the entire plant turns red.

Crassula capitella ssp thyrsiflora

Crassula capitella ssp thyrsiflora 'Red Pagoda'

Branching perennial succulent which begins as pink tinged rosettes and later the leaves turn red and becomes pagoda shaped.

Crassula Falcata

Crassula Falcata

Flat and fleshy, propeller shaped bluish/silver-green leaves that are arranged in overlapping pairs along a usually unbranched stem to form a low growing shrub.

Fiery red flowers appear in rounded showy clumps in summer.

Crassula lanuginosa v pachystemon

Crassula lanuginosa v pachystemon 'David'

Crassula lycopodioides variagata

Crassula lycopodioides variagata

A spreading, multi-branching succulent with thin stems that have very tightly overlaid green and variegated pink/white leaves in a herringbone pattern.

Crassula ovata

Crassula ovata 'Gollum'

'Gollum' has tubular green leaves that become tinted red along their hollow tips when weather becomes cooler.

Small starry white or pinkish flowers provide additional adornment from spring to autumn.

Crassula pellucida ssp marginalis Variegata

Crassula pellucida ssp marginalis 'Variegata'

Pink, green and yellow variegated cascading heart-shaped leaves and white flowers.

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